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2015 May 31:

- Moscow, Russia

2015 September 11:

- Paris, France

2015 December 6:

- Mallorca, Spain

2015 November 30:

- Paris, France

2015 December 12:

- Moscow, Russia

2014 November 15:

- Moscow, Russia

2014 Nobember 8:

- Paris, France

2014 October 18:

-Moscow, Russia

2014 June 8th:

-Paris, France

2014 May 31st:

-Moscow, Russia

2014 April 30th:

-Ulan-Ude, Russia

2013 November 16th:

-Moscow, Russia

2013 June 23rd:

-France, Fontainebleau

2013 May, 11th:

-Vienna, Austria

2013 March, 10th:


2012  July:

-Ulan Ude City, Russia

-Кostanai, Каzakhstan

2012 June:

-Аstana, Каzakhstan

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What this seminar will give to you?

"... As a rule, each person in this world faced  insolubles problems in one or more areas of his life. From my practice  
I know that if the problem persists and no action can not change it - we have a karmic problem. In my workshop, you will learn how to successfully deal with these problems, improve and change your personal karma, family karma and your historical and genetic karma.

You will be able to get separate FOREVER with negativity in your life!"

Webinar Club „Awake Your Inner Shaman“

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Seminar "Awake Your Inner Shaman"

All human beings face the fateful choice - to be or not to be⁉

The changes which are taking place today, will affect everybody!

And only you can decide what will happen to YOU!

You can continue to remaine a victim of you life circumstances,

or you can become the master of the situation!

Expand an invisible protective umbrella over yourselves and your beloved ones!

Since shamanism is a real practice for real people,

its ancient practices will help you!

The vibrations of the Earth and exceeded 17 Hz.

SPIRITS decided that

it's time to awake the "inner shaman"of all human beings that wish to do so!!!

At this seminar you will:

- Awake your "inner shaman",

which is located at the DNA level of each of us,

- feel the strong vibration of "shamanic power"

which is like a new birth,

  1. -change your life,

- fully cleanse and transform your negative karma.

The seminar will be held in Russian with translation into english.

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Seminar „Secrets of Happiness“

Miami, 27th of February 2016

For the first time you can have a chance to participate in a spiritual session with Valentina Rulyer Rollen in Miami on February, 27th.

The Seminar will be dedicated to the basics of shamanic spirituality and mindful meditations developed and taught by a hereditary Shaman from Siberia.

Have you ever asked yourself if there is another approach to solving problems and living your life to the fullest on a daily basis?

Then you are cordially invited to participate and learn about it more!

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During the seminar will have a unique chance to learn about a shamanic approach to gaining happiness, love and prosperity which comes from within. Ancient traditions and insights are constantly transforming to serve people and can be used in order to live in harmony with oneself and the world around you.

What you should expect: learning about shamanic practices, mindful meditations and a spiritual approach to guiding yourself through this interesting journey called life.

Please bring with you a little notebook, a pen and an open mind.

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Valentinas Shamanic Seminars